PF planning more evil

The ConCourt judges have a chance to stop this bloodshed which Lungu is planning. Here is what is coming from the ground :

My Names is Andrew Luwita the Information that I collected from the City Market. Town centre. Kulimatawa.and from the streets of Lusaka and what will done by the PF cadres tomorrow. (Friday)

1) Sinse the petition is coming to an end tomorrow (Friday) Some PF cadres they have received an information from their tops leaders that the concourt that President ECL he is will declared ECL as a re- Elected as a President of Zambia again. The declaration will be done tomorrow at 24:00 hrs.(1) all the Tongas, Lozi, Luvales, lundas,kaondes,mbunds, solis, that are in coperbelt,kitwe, mufurila and in ather parts chipata should coming to southern province westen province they must be beaten and send of all them back to Provinces where they coming from if truely ECL declared as a winner.(2) in Lusaka All the Marketeers that are doing businesses in City Market. Town Centre, Kulimatawa, and in deferent parts of Lusaka PF cadres says they have been given some powers to deal with all upnd supporters that is found doing businesses in this mensioned parts if it happened to lungu to win tomorrow.(2)PF cadres shall take over in all the containers and shops which belongs to UPND Supporters and all ather businesses that are belonging to UPND supporters tomorrow if Lungu will be declared as a winner. (3) PF cadres they will breaking all the houses and shops for the UPND supporters in Lusaka,Copper belt,Kitwe, chipata starting from tomorrow if ECL Wins night after declaration of Lungu as a winner. (4) Targeted properties are the properties for mr Fred member, VIP mr GBM, and for any members of UPND.and the President HH & the VIP will be Arrested soon when ECL winning.ECL and PF will arrest UPND president HH and VIP mr GBM for the Damaging some properties which belongs to some PF in NAMWALA, MAAMBA, and in ather parts in the country. which UPND supporters Damaged for the PF.

Dear ConCourt judges this blood shall be on your hands. Zambians please pray for our country that God may have mercy on us.

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