PF planning to burn Sesheke market

PF planning to burn Sesheke market


After being roundly rejected in the entire Sesheke, the PF is planning to burn the market in the ‘town’ center then blame the opposition.

A few market traders aligned to PF have been advised to remove their merchandise from the market ahead of the planned torching tonight.

The idea to burn the market has been authorized by Home Affairs Minister Steven Kapyongo who is camped in the area.

Meanwhile, relative calm has returned to Sesheke after police and PF thugs failed to intimidate the residents.

The police and PF have somehow retreated and most PF cadres have crossed into Namibia to shop using violence allowances they were paid yesterday.

Meanwhile, the UPND took advantage of the relative peace and held a huge rally in Sesheke CBD.

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    PF violence indicates party’s down fall. one day they will be completely ground; let them ask Rupiah Banda and MMD violence. Zambian people are clever and are busy watching what they are doing.

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    Musumali Liyunga 1 week ago

    Baroseland is currently under occupation by PF. There is therefore, there is now need to liberate the country from the bad rule of PF and ECL.

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    nineo 1 week ago

    Ba Chisha you are spot. Were are all those that condemned the violence in DRC and now re quiet when there is violence in their own home?

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    Tasila 1 week ago

    PF if they are wise they should leave those innocent residents . They already harmed them with tear gases , injuring unarmed children and the old , what morals do these stupid PF have ? This shows that lungu is a violent person . If pipo don’t like u no need to force them . What to PF should know is that forced bone broke the pot. Even chimuntwe kapyongo should go back to Lusaka is he the campaign minister for PF . This is the first time I have heard him travel to Sesheke to campaign , no body has harmed their children in Lusaka , then why harm Sesheke pipo thus is just politics . Thus should be stopped . We are all Zambians  but PF thinks they are the only Zambians . From time of independence there has been so many presidents and elections but there was no such violence . What culture is lungu trying to teach the young adults . That of hate . Open your eyes THIS CONFIRMS LUNGU IS NOT A ZAMBIAN

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    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    Where are the Zambian NGOs and Churches that were condemning violence in Congo D.R. but now turning a blind eye to what PF is doing and planning to do to their fellow citizens.