PF’s plot to rig Mangango election exposed

PF intend to rig the crucial Mangango elections by corrupting returning officers and having some refugees from Mayukwayukwa refugee camp being issued with registration cards.

Education deputy minister Patrick Ngoma and other PF cadres are currently being harboured by Luambuwa ward returning officer and using government vehicle to visit the electorate where money is also being dished.

Refugees from Mayukwayukwa are also being ferried to the Kaoma civic centre where NRCs are being issued to them for deceased voters and those that have relocated. The civic centre is also being abused in giving money to fake women clubs.

And in Sikongo ward, ministry of health has deployed seven government vehicles going round promising to build toilets. The officials are even asking people to defecate in the open and later take pictures of the same fecal matter to justify that there is open defecation but the move has annoyed some members of the community as the practice is culturally unacceptable.

And sources from the PF have told the Watchdog that Mangango is the only seat which they feel they can win and avoid a whitewash in all the parliamentary by elections lined up.

“You don’t expect PF to win in Solwezi central, Zambezi West, Vubwi and other Eastern province seats. It is also tricky for the Mkushi south seat because central province is perceived UPND stronghold, Mangango remains the only easy seat to them hence the unbearable panic,” said the source.

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