PF plotting to arrest HH, MPs over Kasama trip

PF plotting to arrest HH, MPs over Kasama trip


The Zambia Police command is under pressure from the PF Secretariat to have the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and some of his MPs arrested over the successful trip to Kasama where they received very good reception.

Some meetings held late last evening at State House deliberated what they thought could be an appropriate charge they could slap the UPND President Mr. Hichilema to keep him out of circulation from political scenes for sometime, especially after the great reception he has been receiving on the Copperbelt and Northern Provinces

State House sources think there is some wind of opportunity to access Mr. Hichilema’s body by PF state apparatus, and harm him while in police custody.

“I can almost bet with you that Mr. Hichilema or at least some of his MPs, especially those who escorted him to Kasama will be summoned latest by Friday or early next week. They want to implicate them into fake charges which are still being determined by the PF. The idea is to access his body and that of his MPs especially with Bill 10 coming up now”, sources close to the meeting disclosed.

Sources said Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo is the masterminder of this scheme to have HH and some of his MPs arrested, especially after what they considered a successful mission in having the NDC President Chishimba Kambwili thrown behind bars.

“Of course some people in the meeting had very serious reservations about going ahead with such evil schemes of arresting political leaders at a time emotions in the country are running very high. Some also thought arresting HH or even his MPs and subject them to be appearing in Kasama court will give them a huge platform for campaigns in that region like it has just happened with the arrest of Patrick Mucheleka and others”, said the sources close to the operations.

Other insiders in the meeting revealed that President Edgar Lungu and his despotic regime has been put under the spotlight by the international community with most Western nations already considering targeted sanctions against him and some of his close associates in the PF.

“President Lungu has been specifically warned against any more repressive actions against his opponents especially with all the bad news coming out of Zambia, about the likely debt default which the PF are trying to avoid ahead of the elections,” sources revealed.

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