PF plotting to detain Pilato, Masebo and M’meme during polls

PF plotting to detain Pilato, Masebo and M’meme during polls

Pilato..Dear Editor,

Out of curiosity we managed to check with DPP’s system and a few things attracted our attention. The DPP will be very instrumental in this year’s elections so he is our ‘person of interest’. As Anonymous we can confidently alert the following individuals for the possible arrests and detentions.

1) Chama Fumba aka PILATO – As we head towards the Elections the DPP has been instructed to rejuvenate and bring back to court Pilato’s case and will stop at nothing but detain him until the campaign period is over. This is will be done to prevent any possible ‘controversial’ songs from the artist as the ruling party strongly think the artist has a potential to be used against them during the campaigns by the opposition. Anonymous has assigned operatives to monitor the movements and all communications of the DPP.

2) MASEBO- The cases on Masebo will be fueled up with fake witnesses and fresh evidence against her just to disturb her campaign plans. Hon. Masebo may be subjected to serious accusations that may affect her reputation. According to emails between the DPP and several security wings including the OP, Ms Masebo will be implicated with information being gathered against her right now.

3) M’MEMBE- the ZRA case which appears to be sleeping by now will be awakened very soon but this time ZRA may prevail as the government is putting their ‘good’ judges in right positions. ZRA will again attack the Post Newspaper and the courts will order for temporal closure of the institution. This will happen so fast and charges will be cooked up against Mr. Mmembe by PF supporters as complainants against the post and the editor in chief. We do hope the affected individuals will take this warning seriously. As anonymous Zambia, we are doing the best we can but we therefore advise the named individuals to stay alert and prepare for the worst.

We will be compelled to publish all the emails and phone conversations if this persists.

Concerned OP Officers.

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