PF plotting to impeach Kabwe Mayor

PF in Kabwe district are plotting to impeach Kabwe Mayor Richard Bango, accusing him of making unpopular decisions which have potential to make the party lose the 2016 elections in the district.

Bango, who is Ngungu PF ward councilor has been accused of conniving with some named councilors and some management officials at the Kabwe municipal council to dubiously sell large portions of land in the Mukuyu residential area where the council has recently allocated plots to people fetching at K15,000 and K10,000 for high cost and medium cost respectively.

The cadres said the charges were too high and were designed to disadvantage the people of Kabwe so that a corrupt clique at the council would later resale them to developers from Lusaka and the copperbelt provinces.

The PF thugs are working in league with Kabwe DC Patrick Chishala who has since written a letter to the municipality demanding the reduction of the charges but the council responded by citing Chishala for contempt and have demanded that he appears before a full council meeting to exculpate himself. The DC has however rejected the summon, calling the councillors a clique of ‘functional iliterates’.

PF sources have revealed to the Watchdog that Bango has been summoned to appear before the district committee on Saturday where some charges will be laid against him. The Mayor’s election early this year was charecterised by violence, which led to the PF dominated council electing MMD councilor Macdonald Mwamba to be deputy Mayor.

According to the source, the party intends to frame up Bango with some disciplinary charges which may lead to his expulsion from the party and later sponsor a named councilor to take over from him.

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