PF plotting to take over policing

PF plotting to take over policing


By Anthony Bwalya

Post 2012, Zambia has experienced unprecedented, militarized, highly organized political violence.

PF CADRES are heavily armed, and evidently trained to conduct and carry out terrorist style ambushes, not only on their political opponents but innocent citizens as well.

This is intended to terrorize, intimidate and instill fear, not just in their political opponents but citizens.

Zambians must remember, that in 2012, the PF had sent an unknown number of people of unknown identities to Sudan, to learn terrorist and guerrilla warfare tactics.

Our collective mistake was that we ALL never interrogated the PF over the real motive for the Sudan training.

The PF are now plotting to take over the functions of both the military and the police and consolidate themselves as the guardians of law and disorder in our country.

The PF want a military and police that answers to the party and NOT to the constitution.

When have Zambians ever witnessed cadres raiding and attacking a police station with impunity and without arrest?

When have Zambians ever witnessed cadres and armed local terrorists attacking citizens and households without facing the wrath of the law?

When have Zambians ever witnessed military trained officers FLYING and SALUTING a cadre whose only job is to distribute proceeds of crime?

Yesterday, on our exit of Mpika, our convoy was ambushed yesterday by Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in full view of the police. The vehicle I was moving in was pelted with two large stones.

This attack was unproved.

We sympathize with the police, but Zambians must collectively firm up, stand up and take back our country from the rogues who duped their way to the helm of political power and now fully intent on sabotaging the peace and security of our land.


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