PF police arrest 6 people in Choma for alleged assault

The PF controlled Zambia Police have arrested six ‘suspected’ UPND cadres in connection with the alleged assault of a Zambia Compound resident in Choma.
The arrests come barely a few days after the police failed to produce any evidence or arrests of alleged opposition UPND members purported to have attacked the entourage that was coming from attending a rally addressed by outgoing President Edgar Lungu in Bweengwa.
The PF police have alleged that a 27 year old woman named Jenna Phiri was assaulted by suspected UPND cadres on Saturday.
Southern Province Police Commissioner Godwin Phiri has confirmed the arrests in Choma today (Tuesday).
Mr Phiri has named the suspects as Marcus Ngandu, 26, Saidi Mwale, 24, Kizito Siamani, 35, Steve Kalonga, 23, Job Munsaka, 23 and Jonathan Mwanza, 27.
Phiri said that the suspects will appear in court soon.
On the PF engineered ‘attacks’ in Bweengwa, Phiri said investigations where underway and arrests will soon be made. The PF police are still looking for ‘suitable’ people to accuse of having been behind the purported attacks on PF cadres and civil servants who were returning from President Lungu’s rally in the area.
Recently the PF police caused confusion in Choma when they tear gassed people who had gathered to welcome UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and blamed the UPND members for causing the confusion that followed the tear gassing of innocent Choma residents.

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