PF ‘police’ deny UPND ‘permit’ to demonstrate

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The ‘PF’ police has denied the opposition UPND a ‘permit’ to hold a peaceful demonstration against government’s intention to list ZAFFICO on the Lusaka Stock Exchange and the perceived support by the PF of the poor working conditions and slave wages which most Chinese investors are subjecting the Zambians working for them.
This comes barely a few days after the same police allowed the PF to hold pro Chinese and poor wages demonstrations without giving police notice.
The police claim that the seven days requirement was not met and further claim that they can’t allow the demonstrations because information they have seen on social media is that there will be country wide disturbances when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is summoned to police in Ndola.
Another reason given is that police officers will be engaged in other duties hence it will not be possible to police the event.

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