PF police disrupt Kambwili’s radio interview in Mansa

Kambwili being led to the police

The PF Police has disrupted NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili’s interview at KFM Radio in Mansa.
Kambwili was on a live interview when police in riot gear turned up and stopped the interview before leading Kambwili to the police station for questioning.
Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo confirmed the incidence but claimed that the interview was stopped because Kambwili uttered derogatory statements against Edgar Lungu.
She said Kambwili started the interview well but later began to attack President Edgar Lungu.
‘Officers went there and spoke to the Station Manager to have the interview discontinued as it had potential to cause a breach of peace,’ Katongo said.
She said Kambwili was later taken to the police station where he was ‘advised’ and left to go.


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    Muuba 5 days ago

    The stupidity in Zambian politics is striking a gutlessly lunatical level! Just who the hell does Lungu think he is? As for Kambwili, he is reaping what he saw because I will never forget him saying about Scott: “ndefwaya amupele ama Instruments of Power”. Now he is dancing “fwemba” from Lungu’s musical instruments of power, lukanya bebele you Katangese baboon!

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    Musonda 6 days ago

    What a country!so whoever goes on radio is now a problem as well.Don’t let Lungu oppress people in this manner.fredom of speech and meeting it’s a human rights issue as well which should not be undermined by Lunch and these stupid’s a democratic country wake up.

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    Takuli kulanda nage wamona kabwalala aleiba.

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    munene 6 days ago

    The sugar level is low now that he is out of police cells…..kkkkkkkk….coward kambwili….

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    muntungwa 6 days ago

    My young brother CK should tone down. He must really hate ECL but this continued propensity to issue derogatory remarks at the slightest chance is driving away some of us from supporting him.