PF police grow cold feet on arresting ‘Dorcas’ woman over chakolwa statement

The PF police has withdrawn the summon it issued to the Nampundwe based woman for allegedly insulting Edgar Lungu after she was shown on Prime TV lamenting that the country needs sober leaders and not drunkards.
She was scheduled to be arrested at Westwood police this morning but the police grew cold feet and withdrew the summon after a team of lawyers representing the woman showed up at the police station.
The legal team is however still pursuing the matter and has promised to inform the nation and public in due course.
The Police was ordered to arrest and detain the woman because she said the country does not need a chakolwa (drunkard) for a president.
At the time she expressed her opinion on the qualities of a president, the woman was wearing a blue dress similar to those worn by SDA Dorcas women and did not mention any particular president but the PF and their president took offense. They wanted to charge her with the abused charge of defamation of the president.
Edgar Lungu is a well known chakolwa that is why he thinks the woman was referring to him.

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