PF police plan to raid UPND secretariat and arrest women

PF police plan to raid UPND secretariat and arrest women

upnd-womenmourning-oydc-victimsEvil plans to raid UPND secretariat and arrest party national chairperson for women affairs Namakau Kabwiku and other women and then frame up charges and lock them up.

During women’s day celebrations yesterday, the UPND women’s league held a meeting at their secretariat and also engaged into some charity works in Lusaka. During their meeting at the secretariat, they expressed sympathy to the families of the women who died in the stampede at the Olympic Youth Development Centre as they were struggling for free food from the Church of Christ.

Addressing the women, Ms. Kabwiku bemoaned the perpetual hardships that women have been subjected to under the PF government, which she said has led to loss of dignity among women in the nation. And the women also demanded for justice in the matter where 21 year old Mapenzi Chibulo was murdered and police even admitted having killed her.

Mapenzi was killed when PF cadres clad in police uniform fired live ammunition at UPND cadres who had gone to attend a party rally that was cancelled at short notice during the campaigns for the August elections.

But the move has reportedly angered state house and by mid morning today President edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu was pushing Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja to find ways of apprehending Kabwiku and other women who gathered to commemorate their day.

A police source has disclosed that Zulu has proposed ‘unlawful’ assembly charge but when advised that it may not hold waters as the premises they gathered at was a private property suggested that they look at defamation of the President charges.

Some police officers will now be instructed to go and fetch for audio and video clips of the Women’s day commemoration at the UPND secretariat from some media houses and later raid the UPND offices.

The planned arrests are part of Lungu’s schemes to keep UPND busy with other court cases while he is busy trotting the country trying to buy support for the unconstitutional third term bid in 2021.


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