PF Police say it’s UPND cadres causing violence in Chilanga

PF Police say it’s UPND cadres causing violence in Chilanga

05TH JUNE, 2018 – We received a report that people who were going to vote at a School in Kalundu area were being waylaid by some suspected UPND caders camping in the area and were beating them up.

They are also reported to have gone to the PF camp and damaged some motor vehicles belonging to PF supporters and one person was injured and rushed to Kanyama first level hospital, later referred to UTH due to head injuries.

Officers have been deployed to the area and order has been restored. Investigations have been instituted to bring to book perpetrators.

In Mundawanga, some UPND and PF Officials are reported to have imported cadres to the area which resulted in commotion. However , sanity has been restored.

We urge all political players to keep the peace and avoid acts that may bring confusion during the remaining period of the Chilanga bye elections.


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    Just continue hallucinating and insulting our president but us will continue winning and cerebrating every time we have elections. I dont know what is blinding UPND SUPPORTERS SURELY YOU cant ask yourselves why you have continued losing elections. The language and hate speeches you use against your opponents is not helping you in anyway. Even after seeing reality on the issue of violence, you are still blaming PF and our humble President ECL to be more violent when proof is there for everyone to see that UpNd is the most and worst party when it comes to violence. Change for the better or you die in opposition together with your Kalusa. CHIKONKO MWIKA

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    Muntu 2 weeks ago

    PF is the most violent party of our time. EL and his minions use unconventional tactics to win elections. The challenge is the morally bankrupt institutions like the police and ECZ. It will require a revolution to remove PF. The UPND candidate is strong enough to win the elections but PF violence, ferrying votes, bribing voters ignorant and hungry voters with money will make any strong candidate, whoever it is lose, unless it is a general election. EL’s mind is a mind of violence. He has no character to protect.