PF police to arrest HH for visiting Kalikiliki and Garden Compounds

Dictator Michael Sata’s police officers are trying to effect an arrest on UPND president Hakainde Hichilema inside the court premises on an unknown charge again.

But sources say the arrest on Hakainde is to do with his Sunday visit to Kalikiliki and Garden Compound markets where he drew a large following and sympathies.

Sources inside the court said the arrest on Hakainde inside the court premises where he is currently undergoing trial on charges of publication of false information, was thwarted by HH’s lawyers Jackie Mwiimbu and others.

It is the first time that the Police would arrest someone inside the court room, which in a normal country amounts to serious contempt of court.

It is so far not clear if the arrest will be effected after the court hearing.

Since coming to power, dictator Sata’s government has made sure opposition parties are not given space to mingle with people, even their party members, using the colonial repressive Public Order Act.

So far, the two leading opposition figures, Hakainde of UPND and Nevers Mumba of MMd are facing various offences in court, a situation that has greatly distracted their party and campaign mobilisation programmes.

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