‘PF politicians are so frustrating’

Dear Editor,
It is so frustrating that one can only say, PF politicians are selfish and, think, they are powerful.  They just don’t give a damn about the rest of us! We might as well go and hang ourselves!
PF politicians are the most selfish politicians. They came into politics because they are selfish, and  not to serve, period. They are only interested in serving their interests. So to expect that they will serve the electorate is a far- fetched expectation. You see, selfish people have no regard for the rights of others. For me, the PF politicians do exemplify this selfishness, indeed.
They have no regard for the rights of the citizens of Zambia, let alone, for foreigners. For example, because of their selfishness, they have managed to support and defend the infamous Public Order Act; they have increased their salaries; they have kept quiet over the corruption allegations within their party; they have brutalized the opposition; and the list goes on.  They see nothing wrong in acquitting Kapoko, really? So Kapoko is innocent, now. Wow!  Ba PF, you have done well in exhibiting your selfishness.
PF politicians think they are powerful. They want to be in charge. Again, I choose to focus on the PF politicians because I thought they were different. When we voted for them they promised to be different from the dreaded MMD politicians.
Thank God, we were freed from the jaws of MMD. But it looks like we have been thrown into the den of lions, figuratively speaking.  Just look at the actions of the Justice Minister, the Home affairs Minister, the Information’s Minister, the Labor Minister, the Sports Minister, the Tourism Minister, and the list is endless. They are powerful, aren’t they? They really think, we, the citizen are so powerless. And, you know what; we are, indeed, powerless and there is nothing we can do. That is a sad reality. There is literally nothing we can do! These are powerful people, they are untouchable, and they can trample on our rights with impunity. And, boy, their actions are fiercely defended. If you dare to raise a voice, you will be insulted and called all sorts of names.
So what to do?
For God’s sake, please, try to be concerned for the rest of us! Is it really too much to ask you to look into the issues that affect us? We need better school for our children, better medical facilities, better roads, and quick delivery of farming in- puts. Is it really too much when we ask that you create job opportunities for the unemployed youth who massively voted for you? Is it really too much to allow your fellow opposition members to carry out their activities without intimidation? If you are so powerful, why can you not concentrate on making the lives of Zambians better?  But again, I know, you are so selfish, and yes, you think you are so powerful. So, you are not really concerned about the rest of us!  The status quo continues:  The President will appoint and defend corrupt people; Judge Chikopa continues to get away with tax payers money; and we will continue to accept the fact that money meant for development should go to bye- elections. God help us, for indeed, we are powerless!
Joe Phiri

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