PF Post newspaper nude pictures worry govt

PF Post newspaper nude pictures worry govt

nudeGovernment has expressed concern with the continued publishing of nude pictures by some sections of the media in the country.

Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni said government regrets pictures depicting scantily dressed persons socialising in night clubs and other entertainment spots.

He said the publication of nude pictures was wrong, coming at a time when the country and the world at large were grappling with the challenge of gender-based violence.

“It is our call and expectation that all stakeholders, the media included, will continue working together in sowing decency and good morals in our society,” he said.

But for fear of losing his job, Sakeni could not mention the Post newspaper even if it is the only newspaper publishing pornography and it s the one he was talking about.

The spate of nudity being experienced in some night clubs as show on pictures of some media has brought a lot of worry to a cross section of society including the government.

It is for this reason that government through the ministry of information has now spoken out to condemn the ugly face of this porno which is slowly corrupting the moral of Zambians especially the young generation who are supposed to grow up with good morals in a Christian nation.

Mr Sakeni who is also information minister said the common discomfort features being displayed in some media outlets have brought much discomfort to the members of the general public some of whom have seriously complained to his office.

In a statement issued to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today, Mr Sakeni said the pictures are not only morally harmful but also un-Zambian and unacceptable considering that Zambia is a Christian nation.

He further called upon all stakeholders and the media to continue working together to sow decency and good morals in the society considering that the country is grappling with the challenge of Gender Based Violence (GBV), rape, defilement among other vices.

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