PF prayers: Let’s not use God as magician


My appeal to the people going for the prayer and fasting on the 18th of this month. I personally think there is no better prayer to offer to God at the moment to fix our economy than to pray that God opens the ears of the people in government; praying that the people in government and the nation at large can start listening and acting upon the advice given to them by technocrats. Despite our economic situation being hugely affected by external factors, we are feeling the heat the most out of all the countries because we and most importantly government failed to heed the advice given by technocrats. Stop borrowing at astronomical rates or it will land this nation in an economic crisis the Bank of Zambia governor and the World Bank advised. Be prudent in your spending the Auditor General advised government. Don’t reverse the 20% tax on the mine or it will be a strain on our budget, civil society organisations advised. Diversify the economy Nawakwi advised. That is to cite but a few. We can pray and fast all we want but if we keep closing our ears to technocrats and other economic observers whom I believe are a gift to us by God, we will keep wallowing in poverty. The Bible says in Jeremiah 26:4-6

The Lord told me to say to the people, “I, the Lord, have said that you must obey me by following the teaching that I gave you, and by paying attention to the words of my servants, the prophets, whom I have kept on sending to you. You have never obeyed what they have said. If you continue to disobey, then I will do to this Temple what I did to Shiloh, and all nations of the world will use the name of this city as a curse.” In this context we can look at the economists and other technocrats who have kept advising us as the prophets God keeps sending us. Praying in trying times is the best thing a nation or any person can do. But let’s not use God as a magician who is going to fix our economy when we are failing to listen to the advice being given to us by experts. God is a miracle worker and not a magician, he works wonders through his servants, the prophets (technocrats, economists, NGOs). Therefore let’s listen to them and not consider them as political opponents.

CL From kitwe.

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