PF preaching tribal hatred

This is very unfortunate, easterners understand democracy and they listen to campaign messages, the unfortunate part is he is insulting them and they are clapping just because they will receive a cut at the end of the meeting

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 6 days ago

    The raisin d’etre for PF was and is tribal hegemony, initially in 2011 it was for Bembas who represented 95% of the party. Since then, Easterners have hijacked PF for their own means. Can these people really continue to run govt when they are less than 20% of the population? What are the rest of the Zombies doing when they continue to lose civil service jobs in the”national interest”? If zombie Zambians do not wake up, one day these two groups, Bembas and Easterners, will lead Zambia onto the Rwanda road of genocide.