PF preocupied with turning the country into a one party state charges Saunders

Political Activist Dante Saunders has charged that the Patriotic Front government is preoccupied with turning the country into a one party state.

Mr. Saunders says the PF government has paid a deaf ear to the numerous concerns that Zambians have raised on many occasions with regards to the governance system.

Mr. Saunders has told QFM News that it is unfortunate that the PF are trying their best to silence the opposition’s voice in the country.

He has since called on Zambians to take up the challenge of ensuring that Zambia becomes a better country for all people.

Mr Saunders says the fight for a just and a democratic society should not be left to the opposition political parties and the church alone.

The political activist further says people should realize that the ongoing political turmoil in the country will have serious consequences on the future generations.

Mr. Saunders says it is therefore every Zambian’s responsibility to promote justice and that people must be free to speak against the purported injustices being committed by the Patriotic Front government.

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