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I am a Zambia resident in Europe. What is happening to our country. I spent money on a return air ticket to come back home and cast my vote. I have just gone back to my job after spending a few days observing the situation. What i have observed is worrying. PF has launched and operationalized a deadly propaganda machine. Malpractices are there for all to see. There is a petition and the law is clear that ECL needs to step aside for the speaker to take charge. The Attorney General explained this very clearly. Why are we being misled.
If you have noticed, most PF snr members realize the trouble they are in. Even some lawyers are taking partisan views like surprisingly Elias Munshya WA Munshya who was suggesting that the ConCourt will throw the whole issue back to parliament. Which parliament?? There is a law right now which has to be obeyed to the letter. Why is ECL scared if he won a clean and fair game.

Its like PF has bought off some Churches , civil society organisations and some who even took part in monitoring elections like CCMG , TIZ etc. What is worrying especially for major church mother bodies is that they seem to suggest that its ok to ignore rigging and let ECL rule for the sake of peace. Now what is so special about ECL and PF. Why are all these organisations scared of HH. Religious leaders are abandoning their principles. Biggest churches like the CATHOLICS are surprisingly not forthcoming.

PF Propaganda Points:
– PF youths are calling for the resignation of Attorney General and they are now even accusing the speaker of collusion.
– ECL goes to church today and urges Zambians to pray for peace as if there is war. Trying to paint a picture of chaos if PF loses the petition, while forgetting that HH equally has support of millions of Zambians.
– HH only won 4 out of 10 provinces so he can not be President. This is foolish really. Our system does not look at provinces but votes. So no one won any provinces because all candidates got votes from all provinces
– Tutwa Ngulube is saying UPND lawyers on served the petition on Attorney General. Sic
– HH has been painted as a non christian by especially pentecostal churches , who in some cases have been making fake prophesies and ECL is now the staunchest christian Zambia has ever known.
– There are a lot of paid cadres on the internet with fake accounts who are doing PF propaganda. Just check their profiles, you will always see SELF-EMPLOYED. Looks like everyone is now a business person in this country. They target sites that are perceived to be supporting UPND like ZWD and The Post newspaper.
– PF has successfully played the tribal card that has led to regional voting

My humble appeal to HH and UPND is simple : Don’t give up for the sake of this country. You have a good case. Tomorrow is monday. Instruct your lawyers to seek clarification on the continued stay of ECL at state house. If ECL continues holding power during the petition period, then forget about this case. It will not go anywhere. It will not be worth fighting for. So far so good. Mambilima is a woman of integrity with nothing to lose. Her refusal to go ahead with tuesday’s inauguration is excellent.

We should now put our trust in the Judiciary to do this country proud. The judiciary must look at the evidence and not listen to PF cadres , misguided religious leaders and civil society. There will be no chaos if they do the right thing.

I fear for the future of my two young children if this country is going to be ruled by THUGS. If the judiciary okays rigging, then why should i waste my time, with my world class skills in emerging technologies, to worry about Zambia. I would rather stay in a country where there is SANITY. For now i will book another flight and come and vote should there be a nullification of PF.
Now, Paid PF cadres, You time to attack me is OPEN…….

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