PF ‘prophet’ rejected and insulted

PF ‘prophet’ rejected and insulted


A South African PF cadre and Jerabo who issued a fake ‘prophecy’ that the UPND will break up soon has received befitting response from Zambians who have described him as a goat, idiot, thief, misguided fool among other terms.

Mr Brian Kayombo who now calls himself prophet Isaiah Sovi was yesterday quoted by PF government media as ‘prophesying’ that PF will retain power in 2021 because the UPND will break up.

But all the readers who responded to the fake prophesy simply condemned and insulted Mr Kayombo.

‘These satanist prophets who only prophecy on politics wen they give them a brown envelope atase ,’ one person reacted.

The Watchdog is aware that following the embarrassing negative responses the article received, Mr Kayombo has been on phone requesting Smart Eagles admin Isaac Chipampe to delete the the article. Chipampe is president Edgar Lungu’ spokesperson.

A few years ago, Brian Kayombo was a small time jerabo in Kitwe but could not compete with bigger thieves. He enrolled to study law at Cavendish University but flanked in the first semester.

He then joined these crooks who go around collecting money in the name of God , selling miracles and prayers.

See some of the responses below:

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