PF pumps money into Kabwe roads project, as tempers flare at nominating ward candidate

PF government has reportedly released K9.5 million to complete the roads ahead of the Highridge ward by election in Kabwe central constituency where three candidates Monica Mwale, Hebert Malumbe and Andrew Sinyangwe have been shortlisted.

Shortly after winning elections, government awarded a dubious contract in which ailing dictator Michael Sata’s son Mulenga amassed commissions to Asphalt Roads Zambia Limited (ARZ) to rehabilitate 34 Kilometres of selected urban roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi.

The contractor has been carrying out haphazardly substandard works and even reducing the width of the roads. No single road has been completed while many roads remain blocked with logs. At one stage, ARZ abandoned the project after it was clear that soon after Mulenga got his cut from the payment, government refused to release any further funds.

The government’s uncaring attitude in the town grasping with high unemployment levels has annoyed Kabwe residents who have vowed not to vote for the PF government. They refused to vote for the PF in Luansase and Kaputula wards, opting for the MMD and have vowed to teach PF another bitter lesson.

In desperation, government has released K9.5 million but a source from Asphalt roads has told the Watchdog that the money released is not enough to complete the works valued at K180 million but only K100 million has been paid so far.

Meanwhile there was an exchange of bitter words at the Kabwe PF district office when officials differed on the choice of the candidate, the adoption process has also been associated with rampant corruption.

Earlier, the party chose, ex Zambia Railways worker Monica Mwale but she was disqualified on grounds of her immoral activities. Monica, who used to run Monique bar in town is said to have been having sexual affairs with countless men in town.

Hebert Malumbe running a dirty bar in town called Uncle Hebbie’s pub is a thug who at one time dragged the party to court over some dispute. Until of late, Malumbe, has been a strong critic of government.

The final choice was Andrew Sinyangwe but others still felt Sinyangwe was a new comer to the PF and also an unstable person. Sinyangwe behaves like a yoyo, moving from one party to another. In 2011, Sinyangwe’s application to contest the Kabwe central seat was rejected by both PF and MMD.

By Monday, the party had not yet come up with a candidate in the election whose nomination date is Thursday.

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