PF puts private journalists on payroll as Sata heads to Luangeni

PF puts private journalists on payroll as Sata heads to Luangeni

Almost all the journalist from  private media that are accompanying Patriotic Front president Michael Sata to Eastern province have been put on the party budget.

And Sata will tomorrow travel to Luangeni constituency for campaigns.

Luangeni is one of the 19 parliamentary constituencies in Eastern Province With a population of more than 68,000 people.

The current MP is Angela Chifire.


Angela Chifire

Chifire is currently in Eastern province doing a ´back shopping´ of the PF campaigns. The PF has decided to follow her in her own constituency.

To separate genuine journalist from frauds and con artists, there is an International code of ethics that demands that journalists should not accept anything of value from their sources of subjects of their articles.

The reason is simply that a journalist whose hotels bills and fare tickets are paid by the person or groups he is covering can never write an honest article about them.

But it seems in Chipata, the ´Donchi Kubeba´ theory has affected even journalists.

The journalists have been given per diem and all their hotel rooms paid for by the party.  Most of the journalist traveled in the PF presidential entourage and spent a night in Petauke. The party paid.

In Chipata the journalists have been accommodated in various lodges and hotels by the party.

Just after the Chipata rally, some journalists were not too happy with the way Willie Nsanda and Geoffrey Mwamba are handling the payment for journalist and demanded a meeting with Sata and Wynter Kabimba.

The two senior party leaders met the journalists at Protea hotel behind a closed door. It’s not yet clear what was resolved in the meeting but some journalist who went in frowning came out smiling. This was just before other PF cadres went complain that their accommodation had not been paid for.

The journalists are being paid to ignore any negative happenings during the PF campaigns.

It’s only the HOT FM crew which has a clear arrangement because they have been paid and carried to advertise the rallies under their outside broadcasting services.

Both the MMD and PF are dishing out money in Chipata to their supporters.

Apart from the immediate cash they are getting, private journalists, even those without proper qualifications, have been promised jobs in government media once the PF forms government.


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