PF rally turns into immoral proverbs

PF rally turns into immoral proverbs


HH is failing to pay KCM employees, says PF Secretary General Davies Mwila.


GBM maintains his tribal hatred .

But it was Canisius Banda who won the folly prize.


So the PF orgaised a rally to talk about matole? And this is a party had a minister of religious affairs.

So disgusting. What moral values does this PF thing impart in young people ?

Proverbs are part of rich African tradition, but they are chosen carefully in consideration of audience. You can’t be talking about Amatole, ifisushi, umusula in front of children. If you do that, the proverb loses its value and or meaning but becomes a taboo and insult.
But then, this is PF; a taboo itself.
How can normal people even be laughing at this Chainama material ?

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