PF reaps zero in North-Western Province as Davies Chama cancels Provincial elections

Hello ZWD, hide my ID again.
To say Davies Chama had an unsuccessful mission in North Western Province is an understatement!!! That is so because you could clearly read humiliation and hopelessness on the face of the arrogant and pompous Chama. Never has a Secretary General of a ruling party in Zambia faced this kind of humiliation in his party mobilization tour as Chama did in his tour of North-Western Province. The man was shocked by the party’s fall from grace and the people’s disinterest in him and his PF.
He found no PF structures in Kabompo, Manyinga and Kasempa and as such had a tough time to address the people. Chama received insults, threats of attack and even cheated death in Manyinga when dangerous weapons were unleashed on him and his crew by the community that accused him of being a tribalist. On Friday, afternoon reality dawned on Chama and the man accepted that North Western was not a friendly environment for him and his party. The party is in disarray and has lost all its influential people, among them the veterans such as Friday Mulemfwe and Dr. Reverend Thom Mushinge who have crossed to UPND.
With no capable leadership remaining in the PF party in North Western province except for a few chaps that have migrated from copperbelt to seek fortunes in the copper rich Solwezi, it has become difficult for the party to hold its provincial elections. Chama has no trust in the boys running the party on the interim basis such as Chiyili who only recently was in the opposition MMD but is now the Acting Provincial Chairperson. Similarly, Kadansa Sansakuwa, the favourite to claim the position of Provincial Chairman is not trusted by Chama who accusses Mr Sansakuwa of being a UPND mole in the party following reports that he has been seeking a role in the UPND from President Hakainde Hichilema. The acting PF Provincial Publicity Secretary Jackson Kungo and his concubine Sandra Sakayombo were also told off by Chama who accused them of only been after money. Chama stated that a lot of money had been pumped into the mobilisation program, distict and provincial elections but that overzealous chaps like Kungo and Sandra had squandered the money without doing the party any service.
“The shortman (referring to Kungo) has been conning me of money but him and Sandra have failed me after giving them so much money. “I don’t know why people like Mr Kanyakula (former District Commissioner for Solwezi) and Dr Shamulenge (Permanent Secretary Agriculture) left the party to be managed by such greedy boys, I don’t know what is happening in this province” bemoaned Chama. In this regard Chama directed that the party’s provincial elections that were scheduled for Saturday, 16th January, 2016 be cancelled till further notice. Chama informed the PF gathering at Solwezi Lodge on Friday afternoon that “it is with regret that I officially declare that the scheduled provincial elections are cancelled till further notice.
I will communicate on the way forward at the opportune time, as for now I am sorry to state that we shall have to cancel everything and I am leaving for Lusaka right after this meeting. Thank you all for your time.”

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