PF recruits cadres as prison warders

The PF regime  has recruited 400 cadres and family members of ministers as prison warders.   The cadres are currently undergoing training at Mukobeko maximum prison in Kabwe.

The ministry of home affairs in conjuction with the prison’s command issued instructions that due to the budget constraints, the prisons service will only employ 200 employees as follows; each province was to send 15 applications (totaling to 150 for 10 provinces) and 50 applications from the Prison service headquarters to make it 200. The advert that was placed in the media was just a formality to the public as all names were already selected. However, all prisons provincial commands submitted the names as instructed but they were surprised that all names that were submitted were turned down and 400 new names were brought from statehouse and those were the ones who were recruited and currently undergoing training in Kabwe.

Recently, the PF government advertised the employment of prison waders which saw thousands of unemployed youths across the country applying but non has been called for training as names of cadres to be employed came from statehouse.

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