PF recycles Mapoma, gives her job as IBA director

The PF regime has appointed Josephine Mapona to head the so-called Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), which in its current format is meaningless and is just another government organisation like ZNBC.

‘I hereby announce the appointment of Ms. Josephine Mapoma as the first Director General for the Independent Broadcasting Authority. This appointment is in line with His Excellency, the President of Zambia, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata’s agenda to appoint more women to positions of decision making and leadership’, said regime spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni.

Mapoma was a permanent secretary in various ministries starting from the Fredrick Chiluba era under which president Michael Sata was minister without portfolio (number three in government) and national secretary of the MMD.

Mapoma continued as PS under Levy Mwanawasa until 2006. Her younger sister  Penelope Mapoma is already a board member of the Zambia Daily Mail. She is also director for human resource at Bank of Zambia.

The IBA was coined by the Media Institute of Southern Africa in 2002 when MISA was still a serious institute and before it was taken over by PF cadres who brought it to the miserable state it is now.

The aim of the IBA was to ensure independence of state owned media such as ZNBC and independent regulation.

The idea was to create an independent body to regulate broadcasting in Zambia. But as can be seen from the person appointing directors and the board, the idea has since been hijacked by the PF.

MISA, which started the process, is in no position to argue with the current government. The best MISA will do is to issue a statement that ‘we welcome the appointment of Mapoma blah blah blah…’

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