PF reduces fuel prices by 85 Ngwee

Mockery. As Zambians await cheap fuel from Saudi Arabia as promised by Edgar Lungu and Chishimba Kambwili, the Energy Regulations Board (ERB) has mockingly reduced fuel prices. ERB Board Chairperson Raymond Mpundu has announced at a Press Briefing in Lusaka today that Petrol pump prices have been reduced from K12.50 per litre to K 11.67 representing a reduction of 83Ngwee while Diesel has been reduced from K10.72 per litre to K9.87 representing a reduction of 85Ngwee. Kerosene which is mainly used by villagers in rural areas has been reduced by 31Ngwee from K6.81 per litre to K6.50 per litre. The reduction which could probably be an early Christmas present for PF cadres is with effect from midnight tonight. Before the August 2016 elections Edgar Lungu went to hide stolen money in Saudi Arabia and came back and told Zambians that a deal had been struck with Saudi Arabia to supply Zambia with cheap fuel that would translate to between K5 to K8 per month. It is now one year and the cheap fuel is only at State House and Cabinet Office. Instead Edgar Lungu had ordered himself a Presidential Jet from Russia at a cost of US50 million and wants a new State house at a cost of US 20 million. Last year before elections Lungu also directed The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to buy Maize from Farmers at K85 per 50kg bag but this year he says he does not fix prices and FRA is buying maize at K60 per 50kg bag from the same farmers that have Kerosene reduced by 31Ngwee. Anyway do not worry, Zambian Watchdog will inform you when the cheap fuel starts flowing and when the buying price of Maize is raised. For now you can wait for new favours in 2021.


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    all of you who are saying bravo to the reducation of fuel,don’t fool people simply because you are one of the beneficary to the plundered national resources,ask yourselves what impact has it done to the high cost of living nothing,when i can pay the same bus fare from home to town,i can’t feel the impact.

  • Those complaining about the fuel reduction should buy it at the old price. My party is doing it’s best to help the poor like me. Brave ECL.

  • the fuel went up by k5 and reduced by 85n then u say it’s ok ?think twice

  • Baka bwalala

  • Wen u buy 40 ltrs of fuel u actually save k,34,muletasha

  • Last time it was 60 litre @ 750 and now @ 699. Nangu tamumona difference sure.

  • 0.85*10 litres=K8.5 saving

  • What have tongas done to you you tribalist stop tribalism you black thing why do you always like mentioning tribe each time you post something on fb,it’s you who is a tribalist Zambia belongs to 72tribe’s. We are all equal

  • Better than nothing

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    I feel pit for this country Zambia .fuel reduction

  • How is it a mockery

  • The word is reduction you morons

  • But it’s better than the best


  • anyway better then nothing

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    Chibwelamushi 7 months

    Abashilima don’t understand ama loses we have incurred. This Government has let down. I m just wondering ubututu bwa leadership to punish farmers. Really, you spend k1440 of four bags of fertilizer per Lima minus seed and labour expenses, which normally yields 15 bags of maize. 15 bags of maize will give you k900 and somebody is celebrating at nabubwela ubunga.A peasant farmer has no capacity to export. Amasambili mwaonaula fye? At I nababwesha ubunga ubuwele were bwekafye.

  • Fuel has reduced and people still call it mockery….ba watchkabwa

  • It’s good to reduce prices of fuel, but transport will be the same that’s the only problem

  • Ba watchdog, when something is good you need to appreciate. Better not comment. You are sending wrong messages to us.

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  • My thoughts too fuel was about 13k wen dollar was 14k plus but alas dollar is down to 9k yet fuel is almost 12k??? Exchange rate rules that was the main reason GRZ gave is not adding up/mAking sense

  • Bunch of jokers…. 85ngwee.. Clowns.

  • Wallow in all your insanity, umuntu ni Lungu! Please let’s not waste time here! Whoever is not comfortable with the reduction, people you are at liberty to be paying in previous prices!! As for me and my house we have chosen to be served on the new tags with effect from tonight!!

  • They cant be happy becoz they re not yet bewitched with foolishness

  • They cant be happy becoz they re not yet bewitched with foolishness

  • What kind of reduction is these…..85ngwee 35ngwee….nonsence. It doesnt make intelligent reading

  • but who can buy anything in 0.83ngwe???? jokes… when they come to increase it will be by k7 please wake up are we kids

  • the reduction is better than nothing, and if u want to call it a mockery by government then some of us will say it’s a progressive mockery’

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    Maduu 8 months

    l like Keith Mweemba the lawyer. He is like the late lawyer Richard Ngenda. May the almight God bless him as he continue exposing the evil ones in our courts.

  • The K1 Per Litre Fuel Is On The Way – The President H.E ECL Has A Prophetic Taste; lets believe with him ‘All Things are possible with God and to all those who believe. Long Live The President of the RZ.

  • The K1 Per Litre Fuel Is On The Way – The President H.E ECL Has A Prophetic Taste; lets believe with him ‘All Things are possible with God and to all those who believe. Long Live The President of the RZ.

  • Fuck you…

  • If they increased with this same amount you could have said its too much now that its on the other side of the coin then its meagre. Really

  • 65 ngwee reduction for diesel and then u see someone celebrating. what has gone wrong in the heads of many Zambians?

    • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating this reduction for several reasons. Now let me first start by stating that all of us wish the reduction was way more meaningful for us, no, in fact, we wish we could have free fuel and all but we all know that will never happen so lets get back to reality here. Why should we celebrate a reduction as little as K 0.85? Well the answers are because; first of all, a reduction in the pump price translates into reduced cost of production which subsequently ignites a reduction in basic commodities. So no, the reduction isn’t as small as you may be making it sound. Secondly, the K 0.85 reduction is ONLY of less significance if you do not buy fuel in bulk. What i mean is that the reduction of fuel pump price by K1 translates into a saving of K100 per hundred litres of fuel you buy. And the K 100 you save can be used to buy 2 bags of mealie meal if you top up a K20. So Work out your math and you will appreciate the this gesture unless you just want to play politics which i must confess is not my area of expertise.

  • Ati been used mainly in village’s lol hahahahaha kikikikikikiki kikikikikikiki hahahahaha temiponto isho lol hahahahaha kikikikikikiki

  • Thnx 4 fuel reduction nd meali meal, nw we’re waitin 4 salary increments we’re goin 2 appreciate any ngwe wch u can add up

  • Muletasha ala

  • we are just waiting! !!

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    hankombo2 8 months

    Kikikikikikiki there you are Cow dunghill always lost in your own world idiot

  • yes evin you idiots u will b de reduced fuel price but u so stupid mweh?…

  • U always go to court, u go to court for fuel reduction Keith will represent the case