PF regime constructing new residence for Inonge Wina

PF regime constructing new residence for Inonge Wina


The PF government is currently, secretly constructing a new Government House (Official residence for the vice president) in Lusaka.

Early this year, the PF government announced that it allocated US $20m to construct a new State House based on 2017 recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Works and Supply.

The new State House was designed by a British architect Sir Walcot.

But this project was suspended following huge public condemnation and outcry.

What was not revealed that time was that the PF regime was not only about to start constructing a new residence for the president but they had already started constructing the residence for the vice-president.

Following huge public condemnation, the PF regime decided to conceal the ongoing construction of the new government house.

According to contacts in the government, the new government house is almost complete but will only be availed to the public after the 2021 elections, if the PF will win. If the PF will win, the construction of a new state house will also commence.

The new government house is pegged at $15 million. The Watchdog has not yet located the exact place where the new government house is being constructed but will find it within the next few days. But it’s around RhodesPark Long Acres area.

The decision to construct a new residence for the vice-president was reached at following gogo Inonge Wina’s insistence that since she is elected and not nominated, she deserves a modern residence.

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