PF regime deports Mwanawasa’s ex-business partner saying he is Al Shabaab terrorist

PF regime deports Mwanawasa’s ex-business partner saying he is Al Shabaab terrorist

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The Zambian Government has deported Abdul Rwigara Simwiya, a former close partner of late president Levy Mwanawasa to Rwanda.

Simwiya came to Zambian in 1979 and has been doing business for the past 25 years. Simwiya is a business partner of TAZARA managing director Aka Mbikusita Lewanika and Mbita Chitala.

Simwiya runs a number of businesses including bureau de changes. But the Zambian government accused him of being a terrorist with close links with East Africa Al Shabaab network. But the main reason he has been deported is that The PF regime believe he supported the MMD financaially. Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu, announced the deportation of Simwiya, 69, at a press briefing in Lusaka.

He said Simwiya was flown back to his country of original aboard a Kenyan Airways after it was established that he obtained Zambian citizenship by use of false information. “Mr Simwiya came into the country in 1979 and applied for a citizenship the following year which was granted in 1986 but that he lied that he was from Congo yet he was Rwandese. The Minister further revealed that Mr Simwiya’s stay in Zambia has been punctuated by all sorts of wrong doings which prompted his ministry to deport him.

It is not known why the Zambian government hates Rwanda so much that they have deported a second person within  six months.

Lungu said after discovering Mr Simwiya’s dirty deals and his connection with some terrorists in East Africa, government could not let him stay another day in the country for security reasons. He added that besides being a danger to society, Mr Simwiya was involved in active politics and was funding a named opposition political party and bragged that he was untouchable because he was connected to people in authority. The minister warned that government will not hesitate to deport any foreign national, whether rich or poor, who will defy their conditions of stay in Zambia. Mr Lungu noted that all the deportations made are done with consultation with relevant departments to ensure that the security of the nation is not tampered with and added that Zambians should not complain when some foreigners are deported because government is doing so to protect its citizens.

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