PF regime fails recruit health workers

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Mr editor am a medical person.

First of all I have to make mention that the government sets aside funds for recruitment of health workers every year, which is done in two phases (1&2). This year we are told K31.5million was set aside but this money has either gone to ministers salaries or elections & the ministry has a budget overran & will not employ any health workers under phase 2 & only A few were employed under phase 1.

As am writing, there are so many nurses, clinical officers, radiographers, lab techs etc that have graduated and are jobless because of this action by PF There is reliable evidence on the ground. Even the minister of health Dr Kasonde when he was commenting on a pregnant women who had given birth in a car in Kitwe central hospital mentioned that the 2nd phase recruitment would be done by September but this was all lies,

His deputy in parliament on 3rd July also lied as he responded to fellow PF MP Hon Mpundu that phase 2 will be done by September.


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