PF regime forces Multichoice to stop airing programme due to HH’s wife

Multichice Zambia has been intimidated and stopped from airing ‘Talk with Kwangu’ radio adverts and marketing material because of a clip for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s wife, Mutinta.

The latest episode of ‘Talk with Kwangu’, which airs on Zambezi Magic on DStv had a clip where Mutinta was giving an account of how her husband was brutally arrested by the police for alleged treason.

In another clip, Kwangu gives an account of how Zambia’s media space is shrinking, with rising police brutality against those with opposing views.

Sources have revealed that this episode of Talk of Kwangu displeased the PF government, which threatened harsh measures if Multichoice continued to air the material.

“The latest episode of Talk with Kwangu was loaded with what has been happening in Zambia. It has a clip of Mutinta Hichilema narrating what went on a night before her husband’s arrest. Of course, it is quite detailed and doesn’t leave out her suspicions of what she feels the intention of the raid was. That is the part which made the powers that be unhappy, because she alleges that this government wanted to kill her husband,” a senior government source has revealed. “Then there’s also Kwangu herself talking about the absence of fundamental freedoms in the country. Some of our colleagues in government feel there is no way Multichoice can be allowed to air material that is critical of the PF when it has a partnership with ZNBC and they were suggesting the most outrageous of solutions, even withdrawal of the partnership because of that. No wonder Multichoice was told to stop airing the programme with immediate effect.”

And DStv internal communications and public relations officer Patricia Bupe Mulenga last week issued a memorandum to statement ordering a stop to airing of radio advertisements and other material associated with Talk with Kwangu.

“Dear colleagues, kindly stop running all the radio adverts and marketing material associated with ‘Talk with Kwangu’ with immediate effect on all our radio shows,” stated Mulenga.

“We will appreciate your quickest action towards this request. Thank you for your continued support.”

This notification from Multichoice coincided with a letter to the editor published in the Daily Nation, a newspaper widely seen as the ruling PF’s leading propaganda tool, where a “disgusted viewer” wondered why the government had allowed Multichoice to air what they called “misleading information” on the programme.


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    The HalfCast 4 months

    The pf is a thuggery and visionless jealousy regime, towards president HH,his family, acquaintances, supporters,party,success and wellbeing of Zambians. But, we shall not allow them to mess up our governance system.

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    black scorpiob 4 months

    There will soon be Mugabe Mark II here also. Stupid idiots.

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    Mainza 4 months

    Multichoice is just stupid to bend before thuggery.

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    In late October Kaizer Zulu and His PF Thugs caused a huge disturbance at Fringilla Lodge in Chisamba when they beat up a Security Guard and the owner of the Lodge.The fracas happened when Kaizer Zulu stopped over at Fringilla Lodge for lunch. There about fifteen PF Hoodlums with Kaizer. They ordered lunch which they ate greedily as usual. When Kaizer was given the bill, he said he was going to get the money from his car. After opening the car, he cheated that his money had been stolen and he accused the security guard who was nearby. Meanwhile the car was securely locked! He pounced on the poor security guard and started beating the poor man. His hoodlums also joined. When the owner tried to intervene, he was also brutally beaten. After that, Kaizer and his thugs left without paying for the meals and threatened the owner of the Lodge with deportation if he reported anywhere. Let investigative journalists investigate this issue and you will know the truth. Do not interview the owner because he is under threat. Interview the workers and the watchmen and the nation shall know the truth.

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    Judison Muzyamba 4 months

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    Chilufya tk 4 months

    Very primitive this current pf regime…ubufontini ka edgarand his minions.

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    Lisimba Mukoboto 4 months

    PF should restrict their suppression of the press to ZNBC. We pay a lot of money to DSTV. If they start being manipulated by an illegitimate regime, they should then know that their days in the country are also numbered. We need everyone to be principled in the fight for justice.