PF regime is lying, says UPND

PF regime is lying, says UPND


The announcement by the PF government that they have released K200m to settle arrears in respect of salaries and settling allowances for various classes of public service workers is a deception tactic aimed at silencing legitimate calls requiring government to honor its obligations to doctors.

We are demanding that the PF government discloses the full scale of public sector arrears owed to workers so that the public can measure the extent of the K200m commitment announced by the state.

We are especially concerned, that security personnel including the police and other service personel, teachers, doctors and nurses continue to endure such unprecedented economic punishment owing to the failure by the PF government to pay them what is due to them.

Citizens are urged to stand with all frontline personel and ensure that justice is delivered for them.

The UPND continues to offer and assure our unwavering election commitment, that we shall prioritize the welfare of all public sector personel as a way of returning confidence and quality service to the public sector.

Issued: Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
2 June 2021

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