PF regime rejects timely advice from Chamber of Mines

Chambers of Mines of Zambia President Nathan Chishimba says attaining the country’s target for copper production this year is now mere academic considering the crisis Mines are in.

Mr. Chishimba says the fact that Mines are now making hard decisions such as placing their operations on care and maintenance; it is a sign that the sector is in distress.

He has told Qfm News that if government therefore does not make considerations for the mining sector the current situation will continue even next year.

Mr. Chishimba has since advised government to realize that there is need to relook at the policy for the mining sector.


But Government has ruled out revising of the 900, 000 tones copper production target for this year on account of the current economic crisis in the country.

Mines Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa says government is confident that the country is going to navigate out of this critical time.

In an interview with Qfm News Mr. Musukwa notes that the desire of government is that copper production is increased and overheads are reduced in terms of cost profile.

Mr. Musukwa states that in line with this desire government is importing electricity to bridge the gap arising from the power deficit currently being experienced in the country.

He says government will therefore not revise its copper production target just for the sake of doing it.

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