PF regime says doesn’t need Foreign Reserves

PF government says Zambia doesn’t need Foreign Reserves. PF spokesman Sunday, speaking on behalf of the PF central committee and State House said Foreign reserves are useless

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    Thought they told us that they had no clue or vision yet we danced dununa reverse! This is what the song meant….we have now reached the part where..”bola naikosa” and we want to justify squandering reserves in the name of overpriced poor quality infrastructure!

    Simple logic: “bola nga naikosa it’s to substitute amakakula ! So let’s just all register to vote wisely this time!

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    Yes, there are many fools who think insurance is useless. But why’s insurance compulsory in all countries of the world if it’s useless? U don’t fund infrastructure and recurrent spending with your foreign reserves. That’s just not done.

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    TRUTH 1 week ago

    Idiots at work

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    Too much mbanje