PF regime spends K150 billion on Lungu inauguration

PF regime spends K150 billion on Lungu inauguration

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Government sources have revealed that the reckless PF regime spent over K150.7 million (K150.7 billion) taxpayers money for the inauguration ceremony of illegal President Edgar Lungu and his running mate Inonge Wina yesterday.

And that’s not all, Lungu is currently considering chattering a jet costing millions of US dollars to New York in the US for some meeting even before he settles down after being illegally sworn in.

Yesterday’s ceremony was the biggest expenditure for one event in modern history especially coming at a time the country’s economy was on its knees due to poor economic management.

Part of the money was spent on rehearsals by the military and dances, allowances, transport, food, air tickets for Zambian diplomats that can for the ceremony, beer and other lavish enjoyment.

There was also a huge expense paying mobile phone companies for SMS facilities they used for invitations to citizens, flat screen television sets around the country and plus accommodation for stuff and PF cadres that travelled from across the country.

Cabinet sources said this was the biggest expense for the inauguration ceremony as contrasted with previous presidents.

Former President Kenneth Kaunda despite being a dictator never spent such amounts of money for such a ceremony.

Former President Frederick Chiluba was sworn in at a simple one hour ceremony at the Supreme court in 1991 and 1996 despite his love for glamorous events.

Former President Levy Mwanawasa was first sworn in at a short ceremony at Supreme Court in 2001 then at Parliament buildings in 2006 in what is recorded as the smallest ceremony ever in the history of Zambia yet the Zambian economy was at its best.

Rupiah Banda was equally sworn in at a short ceremony at Supreme Court in 2008 while late President Michael Sata refused to be sworn in at Show Grounds as a way of reducing costs even when the economy was still doing fine.

Typical of dictators, Lungu has always chosen very lavish ceremonies such as spending more than K50 million merely for signature for what has turned out as flawed constitution.

The country currently has a debt of close to US10 billion dollars that has been contracted by the PF leadership in five years in office and is now in need of the IMF bailout to restore the economy.

The bailout will require austerity measures that includes civil service restructuring that will lead to job losses in a country that requires job creation plus sale of national assets such as Zesco and Zamtel.

Lungu has also already agreed to increase electricity tariffs by 300 percent and fuel by 60 percent while all the subsidies on farming and students bursaries will be removed. There will also be a wage and employment freeze for more than 3 years for civil servants that will include the military personnel while Lungu and fellow thieves like Edgar Ngoma and Keizer Zulu enjoy as the population sinks further into poverty.

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