PF regime to issue arrest warrant against exiled artiste Pilato

PF prosecutors will next week ask a Lusaka magistrate to issue a bench warrant against exiled musician Fumba Chama, famously known as Pilato.

Pilato fled the country early January 2018 following threats on his life by state agents and government supporters.

Before fleeing Zambia, Pilato was already facing some colonial crime of ‘disobeying lawful orders’. The truth is that Pilato and five others staged a protest against government over fire tenders.

Others are Laura Miti, Patriots for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo, IT consultant Bonwel Mwewa, program specialist Lewis Mwape and free consultant Mika Mwambazi.

The five were supposed to appear in court this week but could not take plea due to the absence of four other accused persons including Pilato.

Principal resident magistrate Mwaka Mikalile  adjourned the matter to January 29 for plea.

With Pilato now living in exile and afraid of being killed if he returns to Zambia, it is likely that he won’t appear in court on 29 January 2018.

According to contacts in the DPP’s office, prosecutors will then ask the magistrate to issue a bennch warranty against Pilato.

A bench warrant is simply a court order to arrest and detain  a particular person then take him to court at a set date.

In this case, since Pilato is not in Zambia, the Zambia regime will be required to issue an international warrant of arrest.

The good thing is that no civilised country can surrender any person to Zambia under the current regime.

Under Edgar Lungu, Zambia has lost its good reputation as it is viewed as a dictatorship run by corrupt thieves.

Besides, Pilato is under the protection of big international human rights organisations such that an international warrant against him will not only embarrass Zambia but will strengthen the already known truth that Zambia is now a dictatorship.


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    emmanuel 3 weeks

    Kabulonga Hostels sold at K 100,000 to national science centre

  • comment-avatar
    Brian Mween Bms 4 weeks

    Pilato Tell Them Until They Rule This Country The Way Mwanawasa Handled It

  • comment-avatar
    Eye 4 weeks

    That is what Pharisees lied about Jesus that “He was disobeying lawful order”. Since when speaking the truth is unlawful? It is a pity there is only one Pilato instead of hundreds of thousands of them.

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    chushi 4 weeks

    pf idiots!

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    Mwebe mutale 4 weeks

    Try to issue the arrest warranty, you won’t know how much support he has. I warn you try it

    • comment-avatar
      abilima 4 weeks

      Mwebe mutale – Why did he run away if he has so much support?