PF regime upset with cancellation of Kuomboka, says will do something

The PF government says it has not been notified of the decision by the Barotse Royal Establishment to cancel the 2012 Kuomboka ceremony and will engage the organisers to ascertain why the ceremony has been put off.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Given Lubinda told the government funded and controlled Daily Mail that the organisers of the traditional ceremony, which pulls hundreds of local and foreign tourists every year, will be engaged to establish the reasons behind the cancellation.
Mr Lubinda said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that traditional ceremonies are no longer tribal but important national heritage events.
“The country has major interests in traditional ceremonies because they are no longer for a specific tribe but are a national heritage,” he said.
He said the reasons given by the organisers are unsatisfactory and contradictory.
Mr Lubinda said three different issues have been cited as reasons for the cancellation and he would hold talks with the organisers to clarify the matter.
“We will engage the organisers of the ceremony because they are contradicting themselves on the reasons for the cancellation,” Lubinda told the government controlled Daily Mail.

The Watchdog revealed last week that there will be no Kuomboka this year because the owners of the ceremony are busy preparing to secede from Zambia. They want to avoid the PF government imposing themselves as officials at the ceremony. The Lozis told the Watchdog that they can’t hold any celebratory ceremony at the time like this when things are not okay in their region.

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