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I have an issue that has been puzzling me for some time now, I lost my father in February this year ,and upon being granted a burial permit,we went to the L/stone city council offices commonly referred to as boma and they gave as a permit on the condition that we leave the deceased National Registration card so that they process his death certificate and they told us to come back after 3months to get back the NRC as well as the certificate ,what surprised me is that when i went back to the council to collect the documents,I was told that the NRC is no longer there and that I should go and get it at the National registration offices ,I went to the registration office and met the shock of my life, I explained everything to the officer in charge who told me that the NRC is no longer at his office and that it has been taken to LSk and that I won’t see it again, now my question is ,why take the deceased reg to lsk,for what purpose ?please help us on this one,what should we do to get our late dad’s NRC back because the courts told us that it is wrong for them to keep someone’ NRC…..

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    Jidaz 1 week ago

    In normal countries Identity document of the deceased is submitted to hone affairs on application of death certificate. But zed is not a normal country

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Since you first left it at civic centre, report to the Mayor or the Town Clerk. They will assist you.