PF registering refugees as voters

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The DC in conjunction with the area Member of parliament have gone on rampage telling the poor and vulnerable people majority of them Angolan refugees and citizens living in Angolan to come and obtain NRCs and subsequently register as voters. These foreigners are being told that, for them to have access to medical facilities in Shangombo, they should have Zambian NRCS and again they have promised to give them relief maize but on conditions that they should have voters cards. These people have no options but to obtain NRCs and voters cards. Most of these people are aged between 30 and 75. Officers issuing these cards have had tough time with the DC and the Minister, receiving threats and intimidations of being fired and some of them being sent away. Right now the NRC supervisor for Shangombo was sent back to copper belt and have her replaced by a cader so that he can compromise and issues NRCs to Angolan nationals. The Angolan authorities are also not happy with the development of issuing their people with Zambian NRCs fearing confusions as you are aware Shangombo is very near to Angola and most of the Angolan lives depends in Shangombo. Their fear also is that It will be very difficult to know who is a Zambian and who is an Angolan. Already we have a challenge of dealing with our people who have both Zambia and Angola NRCs, We blame the Zambian government who are talking advantage of the Medical facilities our people are getting in that country and the hunger situation to have our people be registered as Zambian said an Angolan official. He further said these people will be required also to participate in their own elections coming soon in the few years.
From an Angolan who spent many years as a refugee but now in Angola

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