PF rejects Miles Sampa

Former Matero MP and UDF president miles Sampa’s bid to rejoin the PF has been rejected by some PF cadres, some have even threatened to beat him. Sampa becomes the second opposition official to be rejected by PF cadres, after UPND’s Edwin Lifwekelo.

Sampa wrote a letter to PF asking for forgiveness after seeking ‘divine intervention’. We here by reproduce the letter written by Sampa and PF’s Max Chongu, under instructions of senior PF officials.

Sampa’s letter:

To: The PF President, PF Secretary General(SG), Members of the Central Committee (MCC) and the PF General membership


REF: Rejoining PF

Today I woke up with deep reflection on my recent past. I realize that I went astray. From the date I lost my mentor and father figure, my actions have been irrational and superseded by emotions. I deeply regret it all and marks as a solid lesson.

Despite effort from some senior officials, there was a counter internal stronger force that led me away from a party which is home to me. I walked away from my bonafide political family and my conscience has not been clear since.

In all my past actions, I did not seek God’s intervention. I have since had divine and spiritual engagement with a number Pastors and other people of God who have helped me see my errors of which I take full responsibility.

As I return to where I belong, I neither seek nor expect any position or appointment. All I ask for is your forgiveness.

I further wish to apologize unreservedly to all that I may have injured directly or indirectly in the past or those that may disagree with my current decision. I only wish to be true to myself and to all.

God Bless All and Sincerely Yours,

Miles Sampa

Luke 15:11-32

PF’s response:


Good morning comrades, today I just want to take you back a bit because they say ” if you know you history then you know were you coming from” .

The patriotic front party came into power in 2011 after 10 painful and frustrating years of being in opposition.

The above paragraph is a brief summary of the trial and tribulations that the party and it’s leadership went through to be were it is today.

After winning the 2011 elections we all thought wow our prayers have been heard, our sufferings will disappear in thin air and their will be no worries.

Before we could start enjoying leadership wrangles and divisions started brewing up after the health of our then, president Micheal Chilufya Sata started deteriorating and these problems grew rapidly and spread country wide like bush fire.

After the death of president Micheal Chilufya Sata (mhsriep) factions emerged from all corners of the country in the pf family with different individuals wanting to become leaders of PF and subsequently presidential candidate on the pf ticket.

By then the whole country knew that the preordained leader by God was president Edgar Chagwa Lungu but still other people fought him left, right, forward, backwards, sideways, up and down but by the grace of God he president Lungu emerged victorious.

The same faces wanted president Edgar Chagwa Lungu to lose in the 2016 general elections after they joined opposition upnd and campaigned vigorously to unseat the chosen one.

They called him all sorts bad names aimed at degrading him and disgracing him to the electorates.

Again divine intervention was on his side and emerged winner for the second time now they want to come back and do what?

To cause more problems when they start pushing for convention?

Yes we know that the party needs numbers but let them not be anywhere near our leaders but seat in the background.

For now the motive is not known because these defections are just too quick and abrupt.



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