PF rejects referendum, rushing constitution through parliament

Here is the constitution bill the PF is trying to push through parliament. This is not the constitution, it is the bill that will allow parliament to amend the existing constitution and replace it with another one. Once this bill is approved and becomes an Act of parliament, Parliament will then proceed to repeal the existing constitution. The PF plans to do this before the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election. That in itself is not an issue as such since we all desire a new, good constitution.
The issue is, government is circumventing the process that the majority of people want. Most people who have spoken want the constitution to be adopted though a referendum where the people, through a referendum determine what the final constitution will contain. But the process the PF is taking means that, parliament will decide what to remove and retain in the final constitution. Ultimately, the final constitution will again be unsatisfactory and will require to start the process again in the near future. This is what has been happening over and over since Independence. But, if the referendum adopts the constitution and parliament just enacts (the legal formality), then everyone will be happy and content with the constitution.
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