PF releases money to destabilise UPND by removing HH

PF releases money  to destabilise UPND by removing HH


PF insiders have revealed that a plot to destabilise UPND has been hatched and undisclosed sums of money but running into billions have been set aside.

The project has one main aim: remove Hakiande Hichilema and replace him with a PF puppet.

But the project is likely to fail as the PF is failing to find right ‘mercenaries’ to spearhead it despite the huge sums of money.

Genuine UPND members have refused to participate in the scheme so a number OF people who are not connected to the UPND are the ones working on it.

These include ZNBC director-General Chibamba Kanyama, Chieftainees Mwenda of Mazabuka, Brian Hapunda the PF political secreatry for Southern province and a Tyrwell Mwenda, the losing MMD candidate for Chikankata. And flip flop Hamiyanze has rejoined the PF though it is not clear if he is in the project.

Mwenda defected to PF to days after MMD lost elections last year.

The team is desperately trying to recruit Chikantata MP Munji Habeenzu and persuading him to resign from UPND. They have promised him a job in the foreign service if he agrees to resign and pave way for Trywell Mwenda to stand on PF ticket in the resulting bye-election.

The other MP they are trying their luck on is Richwel Siamunene of Sinazongwe. Siamunene is being targeted for recruitment by Brian Hapunda. Haapunda’s method is simple: he has been trying to convince Siamunene that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema hates him and has been sponsoring youths to harass him.

Chieftainess Mwenda is one of the three chiefs who supported the ill fated attempt to amputate Chirundu from Southern province.





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