PF replaces Sata’s brother in marriage Matongo with Chola as FRA director

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Board has fired David Matongo as  Executive Director.

David Matongo is married to a sister of president Michael Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba. It is the only reason he was given the job in the first place as he is a small leaf in the family forest.

Matongo was replaced by Chola Alex Kafwabulula on Thursday, August 23, 2012.

FRA Board Chairperson Guy Robinson who announced the firing of Matongo on behalf of PF gave no reasons except that he decision to fire  Matongo was arrived at during a Board Meeting held at the Food Reserve House the same day.

Robinson said the Board has  appointed FRA Secretary and Legal Counsel Chola Alex Kafwabulula to act as Executive Director.

Matongo is the former MP for Pemba constituency  in Southern province. He was appointed as FRA director on October 9, 2011, just after PF  formed government.

He was advised by genuine friends to reject the appointment as he would not last in the PF regime.

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