PF resolves to beat opposition supporters in markets

Dear editor,please hide my ID.

I want to take this opportunity to inform all peace loving Zambians what the PF on the Copperbelt and Kitwe in particular are planning to do next year. They called a meeting of all market’s association leaders they perceive to be pf in the Kitwe DC’s boardroom.The following were the resolutions:
1. To form crack squads in all markets to instil fear in the marketeers.
2. Not to allow anyone wearing UPND / RAINBOW party attire to enter markets except for pf attire. 3. If they find anyone wearing any other party regalia apart from pf’s,they should tear it and be forced to wear pf uniform.
4. If they resist,they should be beaten severely.
5. They were also assured that if they are arrested,they need not to worry as they will be bailed out the following morning by the higher authorities. That they should treat police cells as guest houses where they just spend a night and pay the following morning.

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