PF resolves to use tribalism

After failing to convince voters on real issues, the desperate Patriotic Front (PF) has now began a tribal campaign which is being spearheaded by Zambia’s ambassador to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba, corruption convict Richard Sakala and Sunday Chanda.

As part of the tribal campaigns, Mwamba is circulating a video purporting that Tongas in Sinazongwe beat up a certain lady who has been assigned the name of Pamela Chanda for being Bemba.

But a simple check by the Watchdog shows that the video was shot in Chongwe and not Sinazongwe as Emmanuel Mwamba, the killer of Fredrick Chiluba is desperately trying to show. Even Chishimba Kambwili has joined in this scheme. In the Times of Zambia of today, he was quoted saying the imaginary Pamela Chanda was beaten by Tongas for being Bemba. And this is a person holding the position of minister??

The truth is that nothing like that happened. If there was such a person, Daily Mail, ZNBC would have shown the whole world her wounds and the police would have arrested the people who attacked her. The Police has not even issued a statement but it is Emmanuel Mwamba who is writing news articles and paying journalists to air them.

Sources in the PF have revealed that the ruling party has into a panic mode following credible projections by the Zambian intelligence and international organisations that the party was headed for a defeat on August 11.

“The only way they think they can salvage the situation is to try and use the tribal card.

“In fact now they have resorted to using tribal hatred urging tribes to raise against each other. Just check the recent posting on social media by Emmanuel and Sunday Chanda. This is similar to situations which promoted genocide in Rwanda. Zambians must take stock of the hate and tribal campaigns which border on inciting tribes to raise against another tribe,” said the source.

According to the source the Daily Nation run by the corruption convict Sakala will in the next couple of days running up to elections run with stories inciting tribal hatred.

In a normal society, investigative wings would have probed what the two are doing.

Last week, Emmanuel Mwamba forged UPND logos and created a UPND cabinet comprising of 98 per cent Tongas as ministers. This is part of the tribal hatred sponsored by president Edgar Lungu and spearheaded by Emmanuel Mwamba.

Usually Mwamba makes such schemes with his friend Antony Mukwita, but when he is creating tribal hatred, Emmanuel Mwamba sidelines his Lozi friend whose full names are Antony Lubinda Mukwita. And what does Ka Lubinda Mukwita thinks himself, or he is high on weed as usual and does not care?

This is how evil and desperate Emmanuel Mwamba is. He would gladly see a repeat of Rwanda and does not care as long as he remains in government, at all costs.

Why does Mwamba hate other tribes so much when his wife is from one of the tribes he hates so much?

Why can’t the PF just concentrate on telling the people what they have done and merit to be re-elected instead of trying to bring civil war in the country by promoting tribal hatred? obviously no one minds when they use their Sonta Po rubbish as that is a good and acceptable way to campaign because it is based on development, even if it is imaginary. But to campaign using tribe is simply sick, unacceptable and can lead to irreparable damage to each and every citizen.

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