PF resorts to sponsoring fake protests


The aim of this state managed protest is to hoodwink the international community that the current Zambian regime tolerates divergent views when in fact not, its repressive. This so called protest by this EFF President Kasonde Mwenda and hired PF thugs has the full blessing of the Zambian police. Just a few days ago police threatened to break limbs of UPND and NDC members if they dared protest against the Electoral Commission of Zambia. On Friday, a peaceful lone protester at state house was detained by police for 3 days. A day later, a hitherto Unknown political party is shown demonstrating against government. Crap at its best

The so called protest Was for jobs and opportunities.
The group marched to Government Complex and petitioned the Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development to provide jobs.
Last week, the USA and some EU countries issued negative statements on countries like Zambia.
Just watch this space, by next week or even earlier, this Mwenda will be on private radios and ZNBC condemning genuine opposition leaders, courtesy of PF.
Remember Sean Tembo?

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