PF resumes campaigns in Ndola’s Kalewa barracks

PF has resumed campaigns in Kalewa barracks in Ndola barely a week after abandoning the scheme when it was exposed on this publication.

Copperbelt Permanent secretary Howard Sikwela arrived in the barracks at about 09:30 accompanied with some PF cadres and addressed the men in uniform and some few family members.

A source from within the entourage disclosed that some huge sums of money has been paid to senior army personnel to facilitate this exercise.

During the address there were orders to the soldiers and their families not to belong to any party but PF. They have also been promised promotions and that their dependants will be employed if they retain the PF and Edgar Lungu.

“All they are trying to do is to instil fear in the soldiers and the project is being pushed by a Major Mwanza who is the commandant at the artillery school and two Lt. Colonels Mwiinga and Moonga who are both related to defence minister Ritchwel Siamunene.

The project, which is disguised as grading of roads and rehabilitation of some infrastructure such as the Cook house was aborted following the expose on 11th February. The earth moving equipment was removed but has since been redeployed.


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