PF retains Wusakili & Nkana seats

The Patriotic Front has scooped the Wusakile parliamentary seat.

PF’s Richard Musukwa polled 19 thousand 584 votes, followed by MMD’s Pavyuma Kalobo who polled 4 thousand 105 votes.

FDD’s Mark Zimba polled 1-thousand 823, UPND’s Mukumbuta Mulowa had 1-thousand 420 votes, ADD’s Rachael Musefwe had 195, and UNIP’s Hopson Nyondo had 81 votes.

Wusakile constituency returning officer Thale Njamu declared Richard Musukwa as the winner at 10:30 hours on Wednesday.

Out of 38 thousand 766 registered voters, 25 thousand 328 cast their votes while 2-hundred and 40 ballots were rejected.

Meanwhile, the PF has also scooped 4 local government seats out of the five in Wusakile constituency, while the MMD has scooped 1 seat.

The PF has also scooped the Nkana constituency parliamentary seat.

Nkana constituency returning officer Patrick Kambita declared Mr Luxon Kazabu winner at 13:33 hours, after he polled 19 thousand 164 votes.

Mr Kazabu beat 3 other candidates; MMD’s Divo Katete who had 3 thousand 889, UPND’s Salome Mwanakatwe who had 1 thousand 640, while ADD’s David Mulube had 134 votes.


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