PF rigging agent at ECZ exposed

Speculation has been rife for some time that insiders within the ECZ have been working with the PF Government to compromise the independence of the commission, according to Open Zambia.

In recent days the ECZ has been widely applauded for the handling of the Presidential by-elections despite significant external pressures, not least the rainstorm on the day of the election.

The discovery of the mole network will cause significant embarrassment for the ECZ, and will undermine the huge efforts that the overwhelming majority of its staff have made to conduct the elections freely and fairly.

The chief mole, a Zimbabwean by the name of Brown Kasaro who is head of the Information Department, is thought to have been paid $100,000 by the PF party to rig the poll in favour of Edgar Lungu.

It is also speculated the Kasaro was instrumental in the visits made by Edgar Lungu to Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe earlier in the campaign in which highly sophisticated rigging techniques were discussed.

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